Variant helps its clients to reduce customs duties and other indirect taxes, improve cross-border supply chain functions and processes, and manage import/export risks on a global scale.

Strategic Sourcing & Total Landed Cost
Realizing the full promise of low-cost country sourcing involves much more than finding the cheapest international supplier. Significant regulatory, compliance, tax, finance and customer service risks can result in suboptimal performance of the supply chain as well as deterioration of the relations with suppliers, customers and customs authorities. By combining proven methodologies and our extensive knowledge of cross-border taxes and regulations, Variant can help move you from traditional buy-sell, transaction-based purchasing toward sustained total landed cost reduction and value-creating relationships throughout your supply chain.


Operations, Processes and Procedures
Executing the day-to-day tasks involved in global sourcing and trade requires a certain degree of focus and discipline across corporate functions. Doing so in a consistently compliant and cost-effective manner requires documented, measureable and auditable processes, procedures and internal controls. With its various services customized to your unique situation and culture, Variant can support your efforts to develop, implement and monitor business operations linked to global procurement, cross-border trade and customs activities. We will assess and identify risks and cost-savings opportunities, develop customized training, help streamline business processes, and bring rigor to the control environment to facilitate an efficient and robust supply chain.


Market Entry and Expansion
Global market opportunities abound for those companies that make a concerted effort to investigate, plan and execute. This is particularly true of emerging economies, where actionable information, bureaucratic transparency and market/partner certainty can be elusive. With their extensive experience and insight into the many nuanced issues of “greenfield” and “brownfield” investments in emerging markets, Variant’s professionals can help you research opportunities, formulate and implement strategies, and measure success on an on-going basis. We provide assistance in market and regulatory analysis, supply chain strategy, and partner and site selection to help you gain vital advantage more quickly and cost effectively than going it alone.